Re Start Blender [Blender Addon]

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Exit Blender startup.
After that, start it immediately.

In other words, reboot.
During script development, there are many chances to restart Blender.

It is very tedious.
You have to quit the tool, then go back to the desktop and double click the icon.

It is tedious as the number of times increases.
With this add-on, you can
of reboot. Register it as a shortcut.
You can reboot immediately.

A warning message will pop up if you have not saved the scene.

This tool will return full profits to workmates who have never used Blender before but have accepted script development requests.

■This is for windows only.

■Blender 2.83, 2.93 , 3.00

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Re Start Blender [Blender Addon]

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